IA44 Image Analysis & Management System


Easy-to-Use File System

Sample data can be saved and organized within the IA44/PAX-it system with a familiar file cabinet layout 


Image Analysis/Management System easily transforms raw data into valuable information that can be communicated with professional result. The combination of powerful image management capabilities and point-and-click simplicity provides a comprehensive solution for users with various levels of expertise. An easy-to-use wizard allows you to set up advanced applications from scratch or modify existing applications. Save your image data or export to a Microsoft® Excel template for effective, easy-to-read reports. For added convenience, the PAX-it™ software provides easy image management that saves, organizes, and retrieves all images and related data.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple operation
  • Customizable, application-specific toolbar buttons
  • Comprehensive professional software tools
  • Inclusions 32 software for analysis of steel cleanliness
  • Easy-to-use application wizards

Options et modèles


Diverses options sont disponibles pour ce produit. Contactez nos spécialistes pour sélectionner la bonne configuration pour votre application.
LECO/PAX-cam™ An affordable camera for microscopy, with an easy-to-use interface.
Traceable Stage Micrometers Micro for reflected light microscopy; macro for stereo microscopes. Traceable to ISO 17025


Chaque instrument peut être configuré pour répondre à vos besoins individuels en laboratoire. Contactez nos spécialistes des pour sélectionner la bonne configuration pour votre application.
IA-44 Image Analysis/Management System