Série MSX305 Sectioning Machine


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The LECO MSX305 Series sectioning machine are floor models and designed for sectioning large samples of many different types of materials using automated oscillation and servo-pulse sectioning. It is ideal for samples like induction-hardened parts, through-hardened tool steels, carburized pieces, and more. A manually adjustable Y-axis table with 100 mm of travel provides easy sample position and parallel sectioning. Models feature a powerful 10.05 HP motor and solid-steel construction.

Features and Benefits  of both MSX305A and MSX305R:

  • Production-grade spindle supports up to 350 mm wheel
  • Welded-steel construction for the production environment
  • Optional catch basket for capturing small, sectioned samples
  • 400 x 400 mm T-slotted table with large sectioning compartment for versatile sample fixturing
  • 115 L built-in coolant tank with coolant fluid level gauge
  • Sealed electronic enclosure and removable side ports

Exclusive for MSX305A model:

  • Adjustment knob for sample feed
  • Convenient, easy-to-operate control panel with large dual-screen display
  • Z-axis for manual sectioning
  • Joystick control for pulse sectioning, blade direction, table direction, oscillation

Exclusive for MSX305R model:

  • Convenient, easy-to-operate control panel
  • Z-axis locking feature
  • Handwheel-driven table for longitudinal section and sample position

Options et modèles


Diverses options sont disponibles pour ce produit. Contactez nos spécialistes pour sélectionner la bonne configuration pour votre application.
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Chaque instrument peut être configuré pour répondre à vos besoins individuels en laboratoire. Contactez nos spécialistes des pour sélectionner la bonne configuration pour votre application.
MSX305A1 Automatic, Pulse Servo Sectioning, with X- and Y-table
MSX305A2 Automatic, Z-Axis, Oscillation and Pulse Servo Sectioning
MSX305R1 Manual X-axis and radial feed configurations and Y-axis Table